Primary School - Year 3

Literacy In Year 3 the aim is to develop each child’s ability to read and write. We develop the skills necessary to meet the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy.


The skills are wide ranging and enable pupils to:


  • To read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding.
  • To use a full range of reading cues.
  • To understand the sound and spelling system and use this to read and spell accurately.
  • To acquire fluent and legible handwriting.
  • To understand and be able to use a range of non-fiction texts.
  • To know, understand and be able to write in a range of genres.
  • To have suitable technical vocabulary through which they can understand and discuss their reading and writing.


We develop these skills further through our studies in Art, Geography, History, I.C.T., Music, P.H.S.E. and Science.


Mathematics / Numeracy, by using a wide range of practical, written and oral activities the children have an opportunity to broaden their mathematical abilities.


The skills enable pupils to:


  • To read, write and order whole numbers at least to 1000 and understand the place value of each digit.
  • To count on and back in terms of hundreds from any two or three-digit number.
  • To recognise fractions and use them to find fractions of shapes and numbers.
  • To know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number to 20.
  • To know multiplication tables.
  • To understand division and recognise it is the inverse of multiplication.
  • To choose and use appropriate operation to solve word problems.
  • Understanding and using angle measure in degrees.


In addition to the above subjects, the pupils are also taught by specialist subject teachers for Spanish, P.E., Music and Drama.


There are also a number of trips which take place during the school year which the children can participate in such visiting the theatre, the zoo and the cinema.


St. Anthony's College

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