Primary School - Year 2

In Year 2 the focus is on the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy, but many aspects of these are taught through other subjects.



Literacy involves the development of coherent story telling, presenting information and the ability to listen carefully and extract information required. Spelling continues to be a key factor in the learning experience with weekly spelling tests for all children.

The school offers a specialist T.E.F.L. department for non-native English speakers encouraging the development of spoken, written and grammatical skills.

These skills are also developed through other studies including Art, Craft, Geography, History, I.C.T., Music, and



Science is about observing and exploring the world around us, developing skills of observation, analysis, experimentation and the recording of results.


Mathematics / Numeracy

In Mathematics the emphasis is on number work developing the ability to manipulate and solve problems. It also includes the use of data collection as well as work on formal measurements and the properties of shapes.

St. Anthony's College

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