Key Stage - 4

Our secondary students entering the IGCSE stage have important decisions to make for their future. They must select subjects that they wish to continue academically, and as a school we offer career meetings to help ease their anxiety in selecting subjects. Since their choices are very hard we limit their options as we understand how difficult this can be at such a young age. This is in order to keep their options open longer as they grow older and change their minds.


Compulsory subjects include:


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish
  • Science
  • ICT
  • PE
  • English Literature


Optional subjects include:


  • Geography,
  • History, Art,
  • French
  • Business Studies


In Year 11, after the students' January Mocks, students must make the decision whether to continue certain subjects. All students must take English, Mathematics, one Science and a Modern Foreign Language (Spanish or French).

We encourage all students to select a minimum of 10 IGCSE’s as this gives them the best chance going into Sixth Form.


We offer the following subjects:

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, English Language, English as a Second Language, English Literature, History, French, Spanish, Art, ICT, Business Studies, Geography, PE

Results 2015
A* / A 28%
A* / C 68%
A* / E 98%
National Statistics
A* / A 21%
A* / C 68%
A* / E 99%

St. Anthony's College

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